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Our Team

Dan Zwolenski

Founder and CEO

Daniel has over two decades of experience designing and delivering systems for a range of companies. From driving the delivery of Coinland, a CBA initiative to deliver financial literacy to kids, through to the NSW Education’s NAPLAN reporting system, and OurCommunity’s Funding Centre.

When he’s not mentoring young entrepreneurs or volunteer abroad, Daniel spends his time in Brisbane with his young family.


Jo Thatcher

Senior Solutions Architect

A rare mix of technical talent and people skills has seen Jo take the lead on numerous large projects with organisations such as Tourism Australia and British Airways, as well as a number of smaller start-ups and innovative businesses.

When not in the office, Jo enjoys yacht racing, skiing, running with her dog and hanging out with family and friends.


Martina Kainberger

Senior Solutions Architect

Martina’s an expert in delivering performant, scaleable software and infrastructure and incorporating CI/CD practices.
Martina has over 15 years experience running innovative, high-profile projects for corporates such as and Optus, government organisations such as Tourism Australia and the NSW Department for Education, as well as a range of small, dynamic startups.

When away from the office, Martina can be found with her head in a good book, a scuba mask or working in the local community garden. She’s also the proud mother of over 5,000 native bees!


Louise Muszynski

Delivery Manager

Louise is a project management and quality assurance professional with extensive experience within the digital startup space. As the Delivery Manager at Code Camp, Louise was charged with the delivery of the Code Camp World 3D platform, as well as the international expansion of Code Camp’s Camp Management Systems into Switzerland, the UK and USA.

When not wrangling the Digital Purpose team, Louise is hanging with her young family or binge-listening to podcasts.


Dean El-Mouslimani


Dean is a results-oriented full stack developer dedicated to creating and optimising interactive, feature-rich and user-friendly websites and applications. Always excited about adopting new technologies and staying on the cutting edge of web standards, Dean also regularly brings chocolate to the team – and we like chocolate.

Talk to Dean about latest web accessibility standards, fine dining, or rock climbing.


Carmen Famularo

UX / UI Designer

Carmen is all about using human-centred design thinking to challenge assumptions and gain unique insights into our clients business problems.  She brings our client’s concepts to life in a way that is both functional and beautiful, and has an inane ability to translate complex information and processes into framework that is intuitive and practical.

Chat with Carmen about:
Mobile-first user experiences
Organising Grassroots campaigns to clean local waterways
Waste reduction/ landfill diversion


Josh Morgan


Looking for a way to delight your users? Josh is your guy. A full stack developer with a passion for adding that wow factor to his work. At Code Camp, Josh was integral in building Code Camp World 3D platform, as well as the international expansion of Code Camp’s Camp Management Systems into Switzerland, the UK and USA.

When Josh is away from the keyboard, he’s curating his extensive t-shirt collection, exploring new places or throwing himself out of planes. Talk to Josh about how to roll out seasonal themes for CRM’s.